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Spicy tuna

bread roll

Ingredients for 5 persons
300 g tuna fish in olive oil

120 g mayonnaise

10 ml lemon juice

12.5 ml cucumber juice

White pepper

Pepper spice

100 g celery

1.5 onion

130 g pickles

10 lettuce leaves

125 g bean sprouts

5 large slices of ham

5 white bread rolls

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Mix the tuna, mayonnaise, lemon juice, cucumber juice and the spices smooth with a blender. Wash the celery and chop this in little slices. Dice the onions and pickles finely. Mix the celery, onions and pickles with the tuna mixture. Wash the lettuce leaves and the bean sprouts. Slice the bread rolls lengthwise and spread each half with the tuna mixture.

Add the cooked ham and the lettuce. Continue to divide the bean sprouts over the ham and place the other half of the bread roll on top.