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Europe's largest producer and supplier of bean sprouts and other sprouts beans. Guaranteed fresh produce due to daily harvesting 7/7 and logistics within our own management scope.

Evers Specials B.V.

Stationsstraat 33

6515 AA Nijmegen


Telefoon: +31 (0) 243 / 481 422

Telefax: +31 (0) 243 / 482 140


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Evers Specials consistently measures quality and aims to improve it. Quality assurance is an essential element of our management procedures. We have been certified as producer of sprout vegetables and we always follow HACCP procedures. Our EU-identification number is 208518.



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Do you have a question on our certifications or is there something else you would like to learn more about? Please refer to our R&D department; they will be happy to help. Do you have specials needs, wishes or questions? Do not hesitate to contact Gerard Bults or Kees Kruik on +31 (0)24 – 348 1422.

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