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Europe's largest producer and supplier of bean sprouts and other sprouts beans. Guaranteed fresh produce due to daily harvesting 7/7 and logistics within our own management scope.

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Evers Specials produces bean sprouts on a daily basis. Seven days a week, every day of the year. To guarantee the freshness of our produce, the bean sprouts are harvested daily. As a result of this daily harvesting we can process orders rapidly and deliver on a highly regular basis. We also deliver all sorts of other sprout vegetables. Click here for an overview.

Daily bean sprout production

The circumstances under which bean sprouts are cultivated largely determine the quality of the final produce. Our growers’ expertise and special software support us in the growth process. Moreover to ensure continuous process optimization we rely on our internal Research & Development department.

Great expertise

Our cultivation is based on an ingenious method. Seeing as unsuitable parts of the bean sprouts are removed immediately, we can provide all our customers with a ready-to-use product. Evers Specials uses no chemicals during cultivation. The growth process is completely determined by the singular vitality of the vegetable.

After harvesting the bean sprouts are rapidly cooled down to 5ºC by a specially designed cooling system which can fulfill this process very quickly. The humidity level remains high during the cooling process to prevent de-hydration of the bean sprouts.

Singular vitality

To ensure that the bean sprouts are delivered fresh to our customers Evers Specials makes use of cooled transportation. To lengthen the shelf life of the bean sprouts the pallets are wrapped in large plastic bags. Approximately 90% of the bean sprouts harvested are transported to the customer within 12 hours of harvesting. Besides bean sprout delivery we can also offer other deliveries.

Click here for information on our logistics.

Modern cooled transportation

Fresh bean sprouts

Once the produce is delivered to our customers, it can directly be used as an ingredient for a dish or can be added to cooled, ready-to-fry vegetable mixes.

Frozen produce

Fresh bean sprouts can be deep frozen and then used as an ingredient in ready meals, wok dishes and vegetable dishes.

Dried produce

Fresh bean sprouts can be air-dried or freeze-dried. These bean sprouts can be added to instant soups.

Canned produce

Fresh bean sprouts can be canned or stored in glass jars.Fresh bean sprouts can be canned or stored in glass jars.

Snacks and convenience foods

Bean sprouts can be used as an ingredient for cooled ready meals or snacks (such as egg rolls) the vegetable can be added in a frozen, dried or fresh variant.

Fresh bean sprouts can be used in various manners

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