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Europe's largest producer and supplier of bean sprouts and other sprouts beans. Guaranteed fresh produce due to daily harvesting 7/7 and logistics within our own management scope.

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Bean sprouts for Taughetti

Taughetti is a new use for bean sprouts. Taughetti means that mean sprouts are used as the main ingredient for a dish. After blanching the bean sprouts just add a pasta sauce of your choice and serve the low-carb Italian meal!

To prepare Taughetti you will need a large amount of bean sprouts as bean sprouts are used for the basis of the meal. There are packages of 250 g, 500 g, 750 g and 1000 g (including a flyer with recipes).

Interested in a Taughetti-demo in your store? Contact us!

Click here for more information on Taughetti.

Bean sprouts

Plastic tubs

Our plastic tubs hold the following amounts:

50 gram

100 gram

200 gram

400 gram

500 gram

800 gram

1000 gram

Plastic bags

The following amounts can be delivered in plastic bags:

1000 gram

2 kg

3 kg

4 kg

5 kg

The 3 kg, 4 kg and 5 kg amounts are available in 2 different types of bags.

Small packages

Bean sprout transport

Evers Specials can deliver fresh produce all over Europe 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Besides, we can assure frequent deliveries as our distribution network is continuously increasing in density.

Our contracted transporters make use of modern cooled transport, so that the bean sprouts are delivered to you as fresh as possible. By making use of special plastic bags wrapped over the pallets the shelf life of the bean sprouts is extended.

Other transportation

Our trucks visit all hotspots for potatoes, vegetables and fruit in Europe daily. For this reason Evers Specials can offer inexpensive transportation. Many companies face a comparable challenge: organizing special transportation for just one pallet of goods, to a certain location. This results in high costs. By sharing facilities, goods are transported more efficiently.

Evers Specials ensures that your produce is delivered rapidly, on time and inexpensively to the location of your choice.

Do you have questions about our transportation? Or are you interested in the possibilities? Please contact Jelle Kuijper on + 31 (0) 6 4636 7350 or at


Bulk packaging is from 10 kg. Bean sprouts can be transported loosely or in a bag. There is a choice between the following crates or trolleys:

Evers crate


Large trolley

Small trolley

Bulk packaging

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We can deliver our bean sprouts in both small and large packages.

Add bean sprouts to your product assortment and enjoy many advantages

√ Bean sprouts suit modern eating habits

√ Ready-to-use product, directly ready for consumption or sale

√ Independent of season, deliverable all year round

Evers Specials offers many possibilities. We can deliver up to 24 tons per delivery or as little as 100 gram in small packages, in partial deliveries. The bean sprouts can either be delivered to your plant or you can pick up as you wish. We do not deliver directly to end consumers.

Customer-centricity is key for Evers Specials. Do you have special wishes? Do not hesitate to contact us. Together we can explore the possibilities.